Split Cloisonne Egg Trinket Box Art Couture Cuff

This is an unusual composition… even for me!


It started with a small, pretty, finely detailed & finished blue/black enamel cloisonné trinket box mounted on a heavy navy leather belt with a star-studded bangle bracelet acting as a frame.


The metal colors throughout are bronze-y brass tone with a little copper and gold thrown in; look for a vintage blue opaque glass marble, puffed heart charm, buttons, a large oak leaf pin, blue rhinestone bead; as well as little surprises tucked inside the enameled egg halves!

The underlying cuff is 2” wide, but the overall dimensions are 3” x 3” x 3” and well balanced making it easy to wear every day!

And, when you aren’t wearing it – have it out where you can see it – as décor in your home.


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