Shell Art Couture Neck Piece


Not quite a breast plate, but definitely a bold statement collar-style.

The shells were gathered at Myrtle Beach on a 5000 mile road trip – pre-Covid.  Each shell is a tiny beauty – some show life’s rough seas more than others, some are mere fragments of what used to be whole… truly, that reflects what my reflection in the mirror sees, too – rough waves of life, maybe, but each line represents LIVING and that old adage, “I’d rather wear out than rust out.”


I made a number of pieces from shells gathered from Atlantic and Gulf beaches – just click on the images to see more of each… or search key words, Myrtle Beach or Gulf.


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This piece measures 8” x 6” and has triple chains that adjust the overall length from 21” to 22 ½”.  While it is wearable, it looks great hung on the wall as décor.

The mesh lace flower was formerly a pin; there are rocks from our yard (because they were the right color and texture) as well as the vintage marble I use on every EYE IMPACT ART creation.  The micro glass caviar paste I used is a combination of bronze and gold to mimic sand.



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