Roadrunners Sculptural Art Bracelet


A fun story, roadrunners in love… the cuff is in shades of rusty brown, pearl, and gold.  A ceramic figurine of he & she birds nuzzling beaks!  She is looking good with a little blue eye shadow – you can’t see their feet much now, but they are walking along together.


The dangling charm is a cage with faux pearls rattling around inside (which is hung with a spring ring, so you could change it out if you choose.)


It just doesn’t get more whimsical than roadrunners in love!

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Creating the Roadrunners Sculptural Bracelet

This Roadrunners Sculptural Bracelet was built on a 3” brass cuff. It rises 3” making its overall standing height, 4 ½”.  Which is substantial enough that it can double as a weapon walking through a parking lot at night!   Or, certainly will grace any table top, counter, or display case.

There is a cool orange multi-striped cat eye marble near the base of her tail. You'll also find chunks of wood, a couple of actual southwestern mottled orange rocks and vintage faux pearl costume jewelry pins and earrings.  There is also a charm of a shining sun, a cross, a tulip pin, and an enameled lizard hustling away behind their backs.  Triple loops that protect the ceramic and add “halos”.  The brown enameled hoop was formerly worn as an earring, the other two are bangles.  I especially like the faux pearl and goldstone beaded one.

Note:  I construct the bottom edges of the cuff to be flat so that the piece will stand alone, and if worn while writing or key boarding it will not bang on things.  These are wearable although many acquire them as mini sculptures.

Check out the double roadrunner necklace that looks great with this cuff!  Wood Roadrunner Art Necklace And be sure to see my Etsy store for more of my art couture jewelry!


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