Blue Iris White Porcelain Wearable Art Bracelet


This is such a cool, easy-to-wear bracelet…


The centerpiece is 2 3/8” in diameter and has blue iris & foliage over a white porcelain – then embellished with a vintage marble surrounded with blue clay beads.


A former earring in silver tone metal with white sequins swing for added interest.

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Beautiful Porcelain Wearable Art Bracelet is perfect for that special occasion.  All the components are mounted on a textured silver clamper bracelet.  Also, wound around the base is a a snake chain.  Even more, there is a pair of white faux pearls flanking both sides.

The 1” wide bracelet has an inside measurement of 2 3/8” x 2” – which on the 7+ inch wrist will keep it from twisting under – keeping the design on top where it’s low level construction makes it easy to wear without fear of damage.

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