Porcelain Heart Cuff Bracelet with Phoenix Bird


Heart shapes aren’t just for Valentines Day… you can wear these beautiful birds on the side of a porcelain heart all year round.

This cuff is wrapped in a red & gold tartan ribbon and edged with a woven golden chain.  There is an iridescent green marble at the base of the heart and lots of red glass beads and rhinestones spilling over the top.

Look for the tiny white heart, fabric covered button, cloisonné  butterfly, and a metal red rose pin.  BTW, the “moving” item is a milky pink glass bead atop the pile that rolls.

Check out the sister piece created at the same time with the other half of the trinket box:   https://eyeimpactart.com/product/heart-couture-cuff-bracelet/

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This colorful Phoenix Porcelain Heart Cuff Bracelet is built on a 2 ½” wide brass cuff and construction raises 1 ½” – a rich, opulent statement of couture.  Of course, looks wonderful as a piece of structural art on display, too.

Remember the “I Spy” books?  Or, “Where’s Waldo?”  Well, my work is “I Spy” on the wrist!  Look for something that dangles, a vintage marble, a butterfly… and the other items listed above.


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