Pink Bisque Rose Massive Art Couture Showpiece


Featuring a huge bisque porcelain rose with pink tinged petals accented with repurposed components that originally served as costume jewelry from four generations (40-50 year span.) There is a rose quartz polished egg and carved a flower; as well as rhinestone sparkle.

While weighty, it is wearable as a wrist corsage, a cake topper, or to display as a mini sculpture.  I construct the bottom edges of the cuff to be flat so that the piece will stand alone, and if worn while writing or keyboarding it will not bang around.

I like things that move and dangle, so you will find something that does, on nearly every piece I create – in this case it is the bronze heart on the side that swings which is shown in the last picture.

Here are a couple other examples of floral center piecWhite Porcelain Rose Cuff Bracelet | Art Couture Jewelrye I have created.  Just click on the pics…  Blood Rose Corsage Art Couture Cuff

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This complex piece is nearly 4” wide and the design rises 2 ½” high.

For a bride, I can customize it with streamers (ribbons) that can be used to tether it more securely and wearing it over a sleeve.


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