Carved Wood Assemblage Box with Pheasants


Preserve your treasured mementos and beloved memorabilia with this functional memory box. Makes a perfect gift for anyone looking for a decorative piece to keep your favorite keepsakes!

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This Carved Wood Assemblage Box is perfect for all your trinkets or jewelry!  I started with a 8” x 6” x 2” carved, red velvet lined box from India.  And I repurposed it as art! In addition, I added a cool painted porcelain (formerly a lid on a trinket box) of pheasants in the wild.  I used a vintage beaded chain with marble, beads and a cool fused glass pendant to create the handle to lift the hinged lid!  Store and arrange your favorite keepsakes, mementos, souvenirs, jewelry and photos.

Surprise friends family or gift yourself with a special keepsake box! These boxes serve to keep memories alive! However, they are also great for displaying important life achievements, remembrances and more.  Gifting a memory box will not only tug at heartstrings but will be forever held in high regard with fondness, affection, and love.

FUSED GLASS:  I love the depth and vibrant color that can be accomplished in fused glass.  The whole process is fascinating to me, but since I am probably not going to get around to creating it, I thought I’d pass along a link for your own education…

And, of course, Amazon has a zillion books on creating and working with glass for art and your own crafty, self-gratification.  Have fun!

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