Pearls & Lace Elegance Art Couture Cuff


The cuff was already covered with lace when I acquired it; at the center of the design are a pair of inlaid shell bangles; a bunch of 1950s faux pearl earrings; as well as a clear marble (one of my signature components.)

My mom always said, “Pearls go with everything…” and I can see this cuff working with your daywear into the evening; or, it would be spectacular on a bride!


Look for the pearl colored glass caviar paste…

So, what is this caviar?  I use tiny glass beads to make a caviar paste to hide any glue, unsightly findings, and in general enhance and strengthen the piece.  It is something that takes extra time, and materials, but is the difference between ordinary and SPECTACULAR!  Kind of like the difference between a fried egg and a souffle; a dash-out-the-door makeup job and a look-like-a-movie-star.  I think you get the picture…

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The cuff base 2” wide and tapers at the tips making it more comfortable to wear.  With the bangles atop, the overall width is 2 ¾”; it is a low-profile design that makes it easy to wear daily into the evening.


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