Pastel Print on White Egg Art Couture Cuff


Hand painted ivory on white egg with green, blue, and red leaves with black defining lines is the focal of this chunky cuff.  It is haloed with a vintage bangle studded with rhinestones; paneled link bracelet with colorful people and florals; and a West German floral pendant.

The “Where’s Waldo” effect… look for:  a cateye marble, a pearl bee, a leather flower, button, a golden crown, a tiny golden present, leaves, enameled blue, yellow, pink floral pin from the 1940s – stuff going on everywhere you look.

Split Cloisonne Egg Trinket Box Art Couture Cuff

This one is a split egg and sold awhile back, but I moved it to “Archives” because I liked it so much.


I often use “eggs” in my pieces because I find the shape soothing, and on the practical side, there aren’t edges to catch on clothing, etc.  Here are a few others – just click on the image to take you to its page.

Crisscrossed Egg in Bondage

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The structure rises 2 ½” above the 3” brass cuff blank, edged in chain and has a caged pearl dangle – over 75 components reside on this piece of sculptural art.

A word about my quality control… nearly everything I create has been dropped a number of times by the time it is finished!  Sometimes, it bounces on carpet from a height, sometimes several feet to a ceramic tile floor!  As you might imagine, that really tests the integrity of my construction.  If something breaks, I fix it, but you can be confident that it will stand up to gentle wearing.  You can wear them to a garden party, but not gardening – you can wear them to a baseball game, but not to play baseball.  You get the picture!  And, of course, they always look lovely just on display at home.


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