Owl & Elephant Cuff Art Couture Story Bracelet


It’s a tale with a lesson about when to blend into your environment and be quietly anonymous doing behind-the-scenes every-day-miracles; and when to step up into leadership & speak out while perhaps making yourself unpopular with some and supported by others.  Isn’t that one of the challenges of our society these days?  (If that doesn’t seem like a story or moral that interests you, well, you can make up your own story!)


This Owl & Elephant Cuff is perfect for any occasion and a definite conversation starter!  The 2 ½” wide cuff is edged with a twisting gold tone plated chain, and the construction rises 1 ¾” above the base.

Exotic Fish Cloisonné Necklace

Two pieces from one trinket box…


Exotic Fish Cloisonné Necklace

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The unusual shaped cloisonné piece (formerly the bottom of a trinket box) of tan with rich royal blue scalloped edging has a azure blue enamel lining which now is a shadow box with a clear marble, and a variety of beads with a “surprise” ceramic owl in front of the nest – it is surrounded with seed pods, Lucite moonglow leaves, and wooden beads making up the brush that camouflages the hooter.

The backside of the box creates an azure backdrop to highlight a carved stone elephant. With its trunk raised in a salute amongst its jungle of art glass and vintage costume jewelry components.  You'll also notice one of my signatures of something that moves.  In this case, it is a dangle close to the pachyderm’s front feet inside the six-sided hoop "foilage".  Close by is also a recycled mini package bow - you just never know what I may give new life to by adding to an Eye Impact art piece.

With over 100 components, I then accented the structure with a bronze micro bead caviar paste.  This adds strength as well as beauty.

ALSO Note: I construct the bottom edges of the cuff to be flat so that the piece will stand alone.  Therefore, if worn while writing or key boarding it will not bang on things.  These are wearable although many acquire them as mini sculptures.





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