Double Orb Owl Eyes Art Couture Cuff


1990s faux pearl earrings set me in the mind of big owl eyes -they flank the vintage, green eyed, brown winged owl.  There are vintage beads, earrings, and a marble is the center support.  The green enameling on the embossed bangle is a really rich Wizard-of-Oz emerald green.


I like owls… It is not uncommon to find them either as the primary subject, or nestled in with other components as a surprise to your eye…  Just click on the pic and it will take you to the listing where you can try to spot the owl!

Owl & Elephant Cuff Art Couture Story Bracelet



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It measures 1 5/8” wide cuff of woven wires, 3” wide at its center; with gold and bronze caviar (a paste made of glue and glass micro beads.)


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