Old Noritake Porcelain Structural Art Cuff


Yes, it is wearable!  For its size it is fairly light because the piece of porcelain Noritake (marked Hand Painted Made in Japan) with a floral motif with black and gold details.  One of my favorite details is the bangle with a mesh link echoes the panels of gold and black painted on the china.


Then I placed a vintage cat eye marble in the same colors of the flower & foliage – interesting art beads, hoop earrings, polished rocks, cuff link, wide tie clips, and tiny milk glass bead chain. Then finished off with glass caviar paste for beauty and strength of construction – you can easily see it on the top of this piece around the pretty old enameled pin on top like it is greenery, but made up of green and black caviar.

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This Noritake Porcelain Cuff Bracelet is built on a 3” wide brass cuff covered with part of a black patent leather belt from the 1950s.  The overall dimensions are 4 ½” x 3 ½” x 3”.   While it is wearable, this one will probably live more happily on display.

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So, what is this caviar?  I use tiny glass beads to make a caviar paste to hide any glue, unsightly findings, and in general enhance and strengthen the piece.  It is something that takes extra time, and materials, but is the difference between ordinary and SPECTACULAR!  Kind of like the difference between a fried egg and a souffle.

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