Midas Touch Golden Compact Case & Amber Art Couture Necklace


The compact is from the 1950s and is empty – could be for a bit of mad money or business cards or simply the centerpiece of this necklace with the Midas Touch!  It snaps securely shut.


For those of you who’ve never heard of Mad Money – it is a stash of cash that will get you home from a date without having to depend on anyone else – who may not be fit to drive?!


I often use old compacts as focal pieces:  Deco Marcasite Compact Couture Necklace

Sweet Cheeks Skunk Cuff


Other details, there are amber colored glass Austrian beads, a vintage pee wee marble, old buttons, a rock (yep, out of my yard) and a Musi shoe clip.  One of my favorite items is the “caged” faux pearl!


The centerpiece measures 5” x 4” and the length of the necklace adjusts from 15” to 24” depending on what kind of neckline you are wearing it on…. Or, simply put it on the wall for an artsy rich statement.

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Beautiful compact case and amber art couture necklace from Eye Impact Art!

In my art pieces, I often use SHOE CLIPS.  Here's more background on them...  (by Shoedivas) were commonly seen in the 1950s and 1960s.  They are still made today, although not as often worn as they used to be. They were worn in pairs and were meant to embellish a plain pair of shoes. The first well-known brand of shoe clips was called MUSI Shoe Clips from the 1950’s. The designer Mr Murray Simon was looking for an Italian sounding name for his brand of shoe clips hence MUrray SImon Co became MUSI Associates sometime in the 1950’s. By the late 1950’s the company had 10 salesmen traveling the country carrying their line and exclusively primarily sold shoe clips. By 1960 Murray Simon started another division of MUSI called Battani Ltd which manufactured and sold shoes.

Other Art of mine with shoe clips incorporated:  Ornate Brocade Scroll Egg Art Couture Cuff


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