Mexico Sterling Silver Bracelet with Green Aztec Warrior Faces


This is an amazingly cool Mexican Silver jointed sectioned bracelet.  Each of six links consists of a helmeted carved green face – I don’t know whether it is carved stone or dyed green alabaster or agate.  Regardless, it is unique and I never seen another like it in all my years of collecting.


It measures 7 ½” x 1”; marked Hecho Mexico DF in a circle with 3 initials and 925.  I am not sure what the letters in the center are – ARM or HRM or HAM… Equipped with a push in clasp.  Overall, it is in excellent vintage condition.


P.S.  I have seen many silver turbaned heads in Mexico Silver, but not the helmets.

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Brief History of Mexico Silver Industry

Artisans belong to every era.  However, this style of silver jewelry became more prolific starting in the 1930s largely credited to William Spratling, coincidentally, an American.  Or, maybe not so coincidentally, because it was an American enterprise.  The old adage “how can we make money at this?” spurred the creative talents of the people of Mexico.  Spratling sought to promote this jewelry style to help benefit everyone involved, including himself.

Today, we still benefit from that legacy.  Many artists learned the skills necessary to create their own genre of jewelry.  This genre still survives in today’s industry.   Many of the items created in the earlier years have endured as collectibles by both casual and serious enthusiasts.

With the advent of this art form came the necessity to regulate and create standards.  Unmarked silver items were common place. While others were marked sterling – which is 925 of 1000 - or higher.   Others were ALPACA meaning silver metal, but a lower content of silver, no silver content, or just silver plated.   Some pieces were created for the “in country” consumer, and some targeted for export to other countries.  There were some that were designer signed and others were anonymous or only sported initials of the silversmith for the “house” of a more well-known designer.

While my focus is on jewelry, the industry covered housewares and art as well.  MANY books have been written, so there is much information available and with it is vast opportunity for appreciation and collecting in a broad range of values!

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