Maximalist DragonWare Art Cuff Bracelet


MAXIMALISM is a style = If you like what it says, say it LOUD!

The matching necklace features the tiny saucer that matches the cup centerpiece on this art cuff.  They could be worn together for an amazingly opulent statement; or, of course separately when they aren’t on display as fine art creations.

The cuff has faux pearls; a copper, brass and silver twisted wire formerly a bangle that also creates a bit of a halo of protection for beauty and strength; wood components, vintage earrings, coin replicas, and flat metal watch band near the cuff edges so that it doesn’t catch on clothing, and stays stable when displayed.  The whole composition is enhanced with pearly white micro glass caviar.


Sister Neckpiece: Click on Photo to take you there.

Display together….



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The components rise about 1 ¾” above the 2” wide brass cuff which makes it tall enough to make a statement and remain balanced when worn.

Worn together...




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