Marmalade Frog Art Couture Cuff


This piece is just too much fun, but as the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as too tall, too thin, too rich, or TOO MUCH FUN” so that means it is just right!


All the components are built atop a former brass buckle which is mounted to a 1” wide brass cuff – the affect is a 4” wide statement piece, while the narrower cuff more comfortable to wear (for most people.)


The painted balsa wood frog is nestled into vintage costume flower earrings, a cateye marble at its flank, and halos of a hoop earring & 1 part of a mellow yellow plastic bangle (the other two parts are on the sister piece pic/link)


The overall effect is a fusion of lily pad and garden.  Be sure to look for two dragon flies, too!

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If you are interested in possessing the Marmalade cuff & necklace set, please contact me and I will give you a “special” price because I would love to see them live together although each is able to stand alone in an art display case.

Just click on the image to take you to the necklace listing



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