Magnificent Layered Alabaster Egg Bracelet


One look, and an artist friend of mine exclaimed, “The colors!” which are rich, warm tones.  This is a weighty piece, but it IS wearable – you can get a little weight lifting in along with your art couture! 


Truly, there is something going on from every angle.  Can you find the vintage marble, hair comb, and earrings that look like snail shells?  I love movement and on this piece the action from the faux tortoise shell/amber-ish strings that are part of what were formerly door knocker earrings from the 1990s. 


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This Alabaster Egg Bracelet is a perfect statement piece.  It is built on 3” wide brass cuff; and rises approximately 2 ½” making the overall height 4 ½”.  It will slide down towards the hand on a 7” wrist to make it fairly stable and wearable, but without adjustment it fits a 6 1/2”- 8” wrist.

Upon further inspection you can see a little bit of everything.  Can you spot the vintage marble and recycled earrings?  This wearable art cuff is perfect for your special occasion and can fit nicely with most wardrobes.

Since there are “egg” collectors out there, here are a couple others I’ve created…

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