Love Letter Couture Necklace


A friend gave me this two-piece bisque porcelain envelope and letter as a little birthday gift back in 1997 (the letter is signed on back.)  It came hanging from the wired gold mesh ribbon and I incorporated the whole thing into this statement neck piece.

Two vintage fabric centered buttons to pad the letter to keep it from rattling and help to make it more secure inside the envelope.

By the way, it looks fabulous as a wall hanging, too!

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Custom love letter couture necklace made with a variety of different pieces of costume jewelry.   The creamy white enameled bright gold tone plated chain is Monet.  The rhinestone accented central flower is soft plastic from the 1950s; I placed a vintage peewee clear marble at its center.  There are circles of faux pearls giving it a lacey look that lightens the overall bold statement.


I have attached the letter portion as a “dangle” from the body of the necklace because I simply love movement.  It measures approximately 4 ½” at its center and adjusts in length to 20” which gives the wearer some latitude as to what neckline of garment adorn.




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