Lizard Leaf Couture Cuff


An upside-down clay pot in striated desert colors is at the center of this piece.


Flanked by an enameled vintage flower pin from the 1960s on one side, and on the other side a leather copper leaf formerly part of a buckle from the 1990s with a 1950s green-eyed lizard crawling across the top (originally it was probably from a scatter pin pair.)

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This Lizard Leaf Couture Cuff is the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life!


LIZARDS – Around here we have these cute little ones, really, they aren’t creepy!

However, with that said, I can say that I don’t want them in my house… with our indoor/outdoor kitties who fancy themselves great feline hunters, that is an on-going concern.  They sometimes corner the little reptiles (body is about 3” or 6” from nose to tail tip) on our patio up against the back door and I hear them “knocking” at the door and unwittingly open it to permit entry to the lizard with them in hot pursuit!  And, once the critter is captured by a cat, dear pussy wants to “play” with them… in the house, and don’t seem to understand why I am not bursting with pride over their hunting prowess.

Most of the time they are just bringing me a dead-carcass-gift… if too much time has passed it may be missing a tail or head because those are, apparently, the preferred parts for consumption.  I’m not sure which is worse; whole, or parts of lizard lying about the patio.

Lesson learned?  Look out the door window to confirm who might be coming indoors before permitting entry!

Here is a cool little site where you can learn more about reptiles of the Southwest...


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