Bisque Ivory Roses Cuff Bracelet


In fact, it kind of looks like a casket lid, and in fact is the sister piece to Cherub Cake Topper Sculpture


It is domed with ivory roses atop with emerald green tinted leaves which is the color of the glass ball cluster dangling from one corner.




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I added a pin to this Ivory Roses Cuff Bracelet.  I also added shell flowers, rhinestone celluloid bangle, soft plastic plume earrings from the 50s and old buttons.  Additionally, I added half a celluloid buckle from the 1920s and segments of faux pearl “buds” from a damaged bracelet.  After that, I added gold tone plated metal chains to line the edges.  The finishing caviar is pale gold.

This sizable statement Ivory Roses Cuff Bracelet is perfect to wear or have as a dazzler on display.  It is built on a 3” wide brass cuff, stands 3 ¾” tall and 3 ¼” across.

Ever wondered about the difference in porcelains and/or the origins of bisque porcelain?  The following article covers the basics well and gave me a greater appreciation of the clay form of earthenware pottery:

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