Holiday Snake Art Couture Cuff

When she heard that I had named it, HOLIDAY SssssssssNAKE, a beautiful friend of mine commented drily, “Because nothing says Christmas like a snake?!”


Well, this beautiful non-venomous snake sports holiday colored rhinestones!   I got him because he looked like a vintage design by Kenneth J Lane which is much larger, but Thisssssssss serpent is 3″ long which makes him the perfect size to slither amongst the poinsettia, glowing golden orb, and art glass!


There are also enameled jewelry pieces from the 1950s thru the 1980s as well as a vintage marble, and a dangling ornament.  More than 75 components went into this piece and it is definitely one of my favoritesssssssss.


Historical Note:  Being one of my early pieces, as with many artists, I was later not as pleased with its composition – so I rebuilt it, making it not only stronger, but adding a number of pieces so that it has more complex detailing than pictured!


This Holiday Snake Art Cuff piece is built on 1 ½” wide cuff; and rises approximately 1 ½” making the overall height 3” and 2 ¾” from edge to edge at the center of the golden orb.   It will slide down towards the hand on a 7 ½” wrist to make it quite stable and easy to wear, but without adjustment it fits a 7 ½”- 8 ½” wrist.


How the colors of the holidays became, most commonly, Red, Green, White, Gold, Blue and Purple?  How about Mince Pies, Mistletoe, The Christmas Pickls, Pinsettias, and The Yule Log?

What is Boxing Day ?  I thought it was the day that you box up the decorations until next year… wrong!

I especially liked the explanations given on the web page, “Why Christmas…”


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