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Okay… totally fancifully sweet!  A 1950s figurine with a typical kitty cat smirk.  The bow tie and tiny red bird with a blue rhinestone sparkle in its eye are not so typical!

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Cool, frosty light green is mixed with silver, white, and red.  The figurine sits on a pearlized Lucite shoe clip, the little bouquet of beads that move and were formerly earrings.  There is my usual vintage marble.  Another detail, I used translucent green bugle beads and laid them around the base of the cat to suggest blades of grass.  This was an early, whimsical creations of mine (maybe #5) and still makes me smile.  Part of my art declaration is, “Life is serious enough – serious art doesn’t have to be.”

There are a couple companion pieces to this White Cat Bracelet Cuff:  HERE KITTY KITTY Mini I & II Companion Set; Assemblage Butterfly Lucite Rose Red Star Floral Cuffs


Most of us have little bits of memorabilia from our lives that are tiny tethers to our past.  Some things remind us of people we love, or contributed to our lives in some way – I’m not talking ‘serial killing’ here, but you might be surprised what you have sitting in a box or drawer that you’ve practically forgotten until it falls out, or you are digging for something else and you come across that doo-dad and for a moment you are transported to another time & place in your mind. I have an entire questionnaire that helps YOU and I figure out what your story might include… 



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