Heaven & Earth Candle Holder

A professional potter friend of mine occasionally has items that he considers “rejects” for whatever reason – what to do with those quality clay creations?  Well, enter me!  I gave those items new life by applying my aesthetic.


The glaze on the mug is in earthly shades, the night sky, with a frost of metallic gray.  I added vintage jewelry components, a marble with a metallic finish, then topped it with a vintage glass candle holder so that now, it can be used again – for candles, or as a piece of multi-media sculpture.


7 ½” tall, 3 ½” surface base, 5 ½” at widest point.

Decorative Candle Holder...

This decorative candle holder was inspired by the work of a potter friend of mine.  When he is unsatisfied with a particular piece, he often gifts it to me.  I am constantly looking to enhance or transform an item from something unique to something extraordinary.  I am always looking for items to match the colors and vibrancy of a particular piece.  It was made using repurposed materials including jewelry, crystal and glass.  My candle holders are a one of a kind gift either for the home or a loved one.  Make it yours today!

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