Exotic Phoenix Bird’s Heart Couture Cuff Bracelet


Red and green isn’t just for Christmas time… you can wear these beautiful birds year-round!

They are the focal of the heart shaped porcelain that used to be the lid of a trinket box and are now surrounded with gold framed gold-flecked red heart chain; a mottled blue & green on white marble; two faux carved jade rectangles; and a white enameled tack with a red rose.

This bracelet is designed to be a low-level, statement piece.   Built on a 2 ½” wide brass cuff, it looks great as a piece of structural art on display or a colorful addition to any ensemble.

Check out the sister piece created at the same time with the other half of the trinket box:    Phoenix Bird Overflowing Heart Couture Cuff Bracelet   


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Thirty years of collecting vintage components have gone into this piece.  This vintage bracelet cuff has no items found in a craft or retail store today!

One of my favorite aspects of this cuff are the 1970s red Lucite wings at the base tips because they feel so smooth and prevent cuff snagging when wearing while working at a desk & computer – something I endeavor to do on every cuff I create.


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