Gold Daisy Necklace with Butterflies

There are two butterflies flitting in the garden of shiny gold; recycled Monet earrings; and a huge curved petaled daisy is the focal point with two chains festooning below – I love movement so the necklace has a kinetic appeal as well as visual.


Be sure to note the tiny glass bead caviar that I have applied to add strength and visual interest (kind of reminds me of pollen where it is placed on the central flower.

While the impression is bold, the size is easy to wear.  It is less massive than some of my other neck pieces like: Primitive Couture Necklace Slate Wall Hanging

And, not as demur as others...Rich Rainbow Fused Glass Art Assemblage Necklace

The centerpiece measures 4 ¾” across and 2 ¼” from the top edge to the bottom of the flower – the chains add perhaps another ½”, but are more like a shadow because there is little density to them.

The gold tone is rather a softer shade (rather than a Midas high color.)    Midas Touch Golden Compact Case & Amber Art Couture Necklace

The “love knotted” chain enables the length to be adjusted from 15” to 18” – depending on the needs of the neckline or the space on the wall whereon you hang it as décor.


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