Sea Glass Couture Necklace

Beads made of sea glass are incorporated into the design of this marine colored and topical art piece.


The central ceramic piece has been imprinted with a sea snail, the starfish was a pendant, satin finished gold tone buttons, iridescent faux pearls from the 50s, sand colored layered natural rock have been ground into beads, the glowing droplet of turquoise glass was formerly a game piece in the game of Pente, and the stars and chain were parts off a 90s necklace.


5 ½” x 2 ¼” central assemblage is across with an additional 3 ¼” double chain with bead and star charms.  This piece adjusts in length from 14 ½” to 23” with a hook and tail clasp that equips it to work with many necklines and collars… as well as hang on a wall or be shown off in a display case.

This sea glass couture necklace is unlike anything I've done before.  Made from glass that has been transformed by the oceans.  Naturally produced sea glass comes from broken bottles, glass net floats, and other glass items.  Whether from ship or shore, these glass pieces are rolled and tumbled in the ocean for years.  As a result, their edges are rounded off.  The watery slickness of the glass gives way to a frosted appearance with the feel of satin.

While the sea glass beads in this piece were acquired from a broken necklace from the 90s, one of my favorite ocean memories with my children starting when they were 4 years old.

We were staying at a condo perched on an Oregon coastal cliff; and there was a trail down to the ocean edge and a tiny cove only exposed when the tide was out.  I and my son ventured out and found “sea treasure!”  We spent hours picking bits up.  By the amount of our haul, it had been many years since someone had harvested!  Another year, at a different location when my husband & son were flying kites, my 5 year old daughter and I spent several happy hours finding not only glass sea treasure, but tiny shells, too.

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