Vintage Assemblage Garden Manor Couture Cuff


This abode must employ a fulltime caretaker & gardener because it is surrounded with flora… there are trees and shrubbery of art glass; blooming hedges that used to be earrings from the 50s, faux pearls & sparkling rhinestones, a broken bangle of green/black/gold glass.

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Look for the old crackle glass marble in this Garden Manor Couture Cuff from Eye Impact Art. The thing that “moves” on this piece is the huge five-lobed bunches of wired white shells. Each shell was mounted separately when it became a part of a brooch pin.

This Statement piece is built on 3” wide brass cuff; and rises approximately 2” making the overall, stand-alone 3 ¾” height  and 3 ½”.   It will slide down towards the hand on the 7” wrist to make it stable and wearable, but without adjustment it fits the 7”- 8 ½” wrist – or….sit it on the table like a small sculpture with the lamp while you read about beautiful English gardens in a good book by Rosamunde Pilcher.

You might also notice that I have a bit of a thing for cottages!

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