Easy Couture Fused Abstract Art Glass Necklace


Yummy colors!

A square slab of pale aqua turquoise blue with silver glitter make up the base… an abstract line that is a spiral square that terminates with a bright orange dot.  Beneath that is a drop of turquoise glass that was formerly a piece from a Pente game.  Lines of matching glass disc beads (and white round beads) are accented with silver caviar, and a tiny clear glass marble.

Movement happens with the draping silver tone metal square beads.  Along with soft gold dividers, and a trio of square dangles with coppery centers, the pieces entwine and echo the shape of the art glass.

This beautifully decorated fused art glass necklace is perfect for any occasion!


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The center piece is 3” x 2 ½” with a flexible, delicate chain enabling the length of the necklace to adjust from 16” to 20”.  Also, there is an alligator clasp and open chain tail.   Its diminutive size (for my art) makes it easy to wear every day and for any occasion.

PENTE Game - Based on an ancient Japanese game, Ninuki-Renju – before the days of electronic games, or internet gaming.  However, the game was resurrected in the early 1990s when we were introduced to it.  It is an easy strategy game and we played it with our kids.  It is a fun game, but the shiny colorful glass pieces make it especially esthetically pleasing.



I love the richness of a fused art glass!  Rich Rainbow Fused Glass Art Assemblage Necklace

Turquoise Fused Glass Necklace | Vintage Costume Jewelry


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