Frog & Butterfly Fused Glass Art Couture Cuff


A fused glass pendant serves as a leaf that an old brass frog w/green rhinestone eyes is ensconced.  A huge butterfly with turquoise, green, and frosted blue stones is nearby – it’s a garden that encrusts the whole cuff.  A rich composition in turquoise, blue, gold, brass, and greens.


Like a “hidden item” picture – look for a blue bird, 2 frogs, lots of leaves, 2 butterflies, an owl, 3 hearts, satiny green sea glass, crescent moon & star, marble, 2 pieces of fused glass.


BTW, the last picture shows how I design the cuff to be flat on the bottom so it doesn’t bang on your keyboard, or snag your clothing.  This particular cuff also has tapered tips to make it more comfortable to don and wear.

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It is built on tapered brass cuff that is 2 3/8” at its widest, edged in chain, and quite a low profile making it easy to wear in your day-to-day and is as intricate of detail as fine art should be.

It will look great with business attire, to evening events, or casually with jeans – I often wear something with a sweatshirt or simple tee-shirt at home because life is too short to not wear something beautiful every day.


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