Floral Banded Wood Egg Couture Cuff


An Easter Egg you can wear any time of year!  It is painted a whimsical floral and striped design in peachy-oranges, yellow-tans, and black. The components on this piece span fifty years -1940s through the 1990s!

The base atop the brass cuff base is a GT bangle bracelet with the egg at the center and encrusted with recycled vintage components:  1950s moonglow Lucite earrings by Coro; a cateye marble; old buttons.  There are lots of 1950s earrings of plastic beads, black faceted glass, amber rhinestones; two hearts, and art glass beads.

It is built on a 2” brass cuff, but it is almost 3” wide on top because of the platform I created with the bangle bracelet.  It rises 1 ½” which makes it a wearable, bold statement piece – and of course, will look spectacular on display, too!

This cuff has two sister pieces that were created at the same time – click on the pictures to see more details about each.  With that said, wouldn’t they be spectacular displayed as a set?

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A word about my quality control… nearly everything I create has been dropped a number of times by the time it is finished!  Sometimes, it bounces on carpet from a height, sometimes several feet to a ceramic tile floor!  As you might imagine, that really tests the integrity of its construction.  If something breaks, I fix it, but you can be confident that it will stand up to gentle wearing. 

BTW, while its not dishwasher/microwave tested, the kind of adhesives I use putting these together, they will handle a light dunking in dishwater without problem


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