Fishy in a Brook

This art piece is a work of camouflage. You know how looking into the crystal waters of a creek and KNOWING there are fish in there, but not able to see them?! My Dad was an avid fly fisherman and would point them out to me, but I could rarely see them.   Fishy may NEED that dangling angel’s protection because, RACOONS like fishy in the brooks, too – can you find him lurking at the edge? (Hint: my pieces are finished as well on the underside as the top.)


Whole seashells, clear marble bubbles, rocks, as well as vintage costume jewelry components with a sizable fish with red eyes make up the brook bottom in rich colors of rust, brown, cream, peach and pearl. To finish it off, I mixed two shades of glass caviar that simulates sand on the stream bed.

This statement piece is weighty and built on a 2 ½” wide cuff; the tips of the vegetation spikes rise approximately 2” above that surface making the overall height 4 1/4" and 3 1/2" across the middle of the design. I have about a 7” wrist and it slides pretty far down onto my hand while not slipping off my arm; but without adjustment it fits a 8-9” wrist better.