Weathered King Art Couture Cuff


Really, this carved wood fellow looks like he’s weathered a lot of life. Indeed, his wood hide looks stained and rusty!  He has a chip in an ear; only had one toe nail left (perhaps pre-band ivory), but I engineered so it is visible; his tusks are now tooth picks with knobs on the tips as some show pachyderms sport.

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Made from a 3" brass cuff, this elephant bracelet cuff makes a wonderful statement piece.  Perfect for the animal lover in your life.  It rises 2 ½” making the standing height of the cuff 4 ½”.  However, I have a 6¼” wrist and enjoy wearing it over a sleeve.  It certainly fits without adjustments to 7” – 8 ½” wrists.

This elephant looks like he’s emerging from the bush, made up of seed pods.  Also created using a variety of vintage beads, this lovely bracelet is sure to turn heads.  Finally, I added earrings studded with rhinestones, and a beautiful bronze of another king-of-the jungle (lion) skulking behind.

If you are interested in learning more about these noble creatures, here’s a link:

Other artful elephant creations on this site:


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