Elephant Art Cuff – Green Eyed, Bow-Tied Cartoon


In the 60s there was a tune called the “Elephant Walk” written by Henry Mancini in 1961.  My parents played it on the stereo in our dining room.  Dad would do a little dance to it that was something between clogging – but it was even more impressive when he did it at the local roller rink on roller skates!  (Really, my parents were competition champions in their later years.)


All that to say, I think of my dad and how cute he was “jivin’” with the tune whenever I look at this fellow.


If this whimsical piece doesn’t make you smile, then it may NOT come live with you!  (Just sayin’)

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I love the gray nuts with hand knotted red string that act as undercover in this brilliant elephant art cuff.  It's like walking through a forest – for the rest of the vintage costume jewelry components…. Silver, black, gray, white pearls, a bit of pink and red accents – colors like the pachyderm.

This piece is built on 2 ½” brass base; the figurine rises 3 ¾” making its overall measurements 5 ¾” x 4” x 3”.  I just noticed that when I was using a metal measuring tape, it kept sticking to the gray beads and then remember I used one of those magnetic necklaces!

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