Earthy Trio Napkin Rings Artful Home Decor


A girlfriend and I were visiting art jeweler friends overnight, so as a little gift paired with some beautiful napkins, we took a set of four as our ‘hostess gift’.  So many people don’t “dine” in their homes these days, but the composition is casual enough (rocks, wood, seeds) that I thought they’d work in their mountain desert home.


All that to explain, that these are functional art pieces.  Because of the types of adhesives I use, while not microwave nor dishwasher safe, CAN be dunked in some dishwater if need be.

Colorful Ceramic Napkin Ring Set

Colorful Mexico Ceramic Rings became the base for superlative functional decor. (Click on Image for more info)



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Brass napkin rings – one smooth, two are multi ribbed.  All have the same nut pod, wood dome, semi polished desert jasper stones, glass beads with double dangling beads.  Then each are embellished with other components to fill in the design which is 2 ½” x 1 ¼”.


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