Earth Sand & Floral Mini Vessel III Art Couture Cuff


I acquired a set of three sandy colored pottery with painted navy blue, browns, green and white floral designs.  This one is the largest of the three with over 125 components – which are hand-applied one at a time!


The cuff is edged with a hemp colored cord and then filled in with vintage costume jewelry components; a green glowing glass leaves and Lucite moonglow plastic leaves & beads, huge glowing midnight blue 1990s earrings, hoops, and gold framed chunky glass former earrings.  In addition, there are vintage buttons, a cateye marble at the opening of the vase, and a dangle of a gold caged tan moonglow plastic teardrop.


The construction of this sculptural piece rises 2” from the top of the 3” brass cuff so it is a “statement” piece to wear to a special event or a “show piece” on display.

Here are the links for the other two pieces:

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While I have a tag affixed to my art couture creations, there are other “signatures” that would help to authenticate them even if the tag were not present.


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