Duck Art Couture Cuff


Shades of taupe, beige off white make this cuff “go with everything!” and with any décor.


What a regal duck rendered in porcelain; look for the old marble, a rose, old buttons, a heart, art glass beads, finished with glass caviar and something that dangles…. More than 50 components – all in shades of pale browns.

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This dynamic Duck Art Couture Cuff is built on a 3” brass cuff. The construction rises 2 ½” making its overall dimensions 3 x 4 x 4 ½ inches. It will make a statement without being gaudy or look great on display.  Either way, it is a great conversation starter!

It will look great with business attire, to evening events, or casually with jeans – I often wear something with a sweatshirt or simple tee-shirt at home because life is too short to not wear something beautiful every day.

So, what is the glass caviar I use?

I use tiny glass beads to make a caviar paste to hide any glue, unsightly findings, and in general enhance and strengthen the piece.  It is something that takes extra time, and materials, but is the difference between ordinary and SPECTACULAR!  Kind of like the difference between an ugly duckling and the rare regal bird; a dash-out-the-door makeup job and Paris runway ready!  I think you get the picture…

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