Dragonware Structural Art Cuff with Yellow Mini Pitcher


So, what to do with that little piece of porcelain that belonged to your grandma that grandpa brought home to her from when he was stationed overseas?


By adding a lone cufflink of dad’s, an ornate black & silver brooch that was your mom’s, a mother-of-pearl disc & rhinestone earring, a Lucite moon glow earring, some faux pearls from a broken strand, a loan Lucite confetti cabochon, a jonquil yellow rhinestone HollyCraft earring from the 1950s, and an abalone shell cuff button that might have even been great grandpa’s…and turn it into a memorable piece of wearable art.


An item that displays the story of your life.  Okay, maybe not a memoir of your life, just a short story!

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Dragonware Structural Art Cuff built on a 2” wide brass cuff.  The construction rises 2 ¼” making the overall dimensions 4 ¼” x 3 ¾” x 3”.


Most of us have little bits of memorabilia from our lives that are tiny tethers to our past.  Some things remind us of people we love, or contributed to our lives in some way – I’m not talking ‘serial killing’ here, but you might be surprised what you have sitting in a box or drawer that you’ve practically forgotten until it falls out, or you are digging for something else and you come across that doo-dad and for a moment you are transported to another time & place in your mind. I have an entire questionnaire that helps YOU and I figure out what your story might include…


Here is a link to see more pieces to prompt additions to YOUR story piece:    https://www.eyeimpactart.com/product-category/heart-i-facts/


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