Green Dragon Fly Talavera Bracelet Cuff


Attired in its traditional Talavera hand painted style, this dragon fly is practically camouflaged in green vintage jewelry components.  And, there are a number of pieces of art glass and a little ceramic turtle peeking over a marble as well as a bright green butterfly.   Who says serious art must be somber?!


It is built on a 2 inch brass cuff and construction is rather low level at about ¾”.

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This beautiful dragon fly talavera bracelet is the perfect decorative cuff for that special occasion!

Backstory:  I was purchasing a number of Talavera pottery pieces – the proprietor was wrapping them when this dragonfly was dropped.  One of its wings broke off.  The clerk started to throw it away when I stopped him to say, “I still want it.”  He incredulously repeated my request with a question mark at the end.  I assured him, “Yes.”

So ol’broken wing came home with me.  When I was starting to sort components to go with it (and some other green centerpieces) when my husband happened along noting, “That one is broken.”  “I know.  Wait.  When I’m done, you won’t be able to tell.”  He looked doubtful, but affirmed, “Well, I will look forward to seeing it when it’s done.”

I relished the challenge.  Sometimes in my life, there is beauty in surviving the hard times.   God can make something lovely out of the infirmities and hard seasons of our lives.  This dragonfly has become one favorites because of its broken-to-beauty story.

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