Deco Marcasite Compact Couture Necklace


The compact is from the Great Gatsby era – Deco design accented with genuine marcasite stones.  The mirror inside was broken and the clasp didn’t work well any longer, so was virtually worthless as a collectible, so now it gets to grace your throat or even on display!


There is my signature vintage marble, old buttons, a shoe buckle… and a tiny dangling ex-earring.


Not every woman feels comfortable wearing chokers, so this necklace adjusts in length so it can be worn to flatter any neckline!



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There is nothing like turning a favorite antique item into marcasite art jewelry.  A Great Gatsby era compact mirror with a broken mirror and clasp inspired this art deco design adorned with genuine marcasites.  So what to do!?  I converted the piece into a wearable art necklace!  The compact, my signature vintage marble, old buttons, a shoe buckle, and a tiny dangling ex-earring to enhance the piece.  What was virtually worthless as a collectible, now gets to grace your throat as wearable art.  This decorative necklace is adjustable in length to flatter any neckline.  It is perfect for any occasion and goes well with any outfit.

Marcasite Art Jewelry

Marcasite is a natural and wonderful gemstone. It's unique hardness means it stands up well to dings and scratches.  It is not unusual to find vintage marcasite jewelry in good condition many years after its creation.  Marcasite jewelry is actually made from pyrite or fools gold which is found in various parts all over the world. The word 'pyr' means fire in ancient Greek producing a spark when hit against metal.   Marcasite is opaque and shiny and has a nice metallic luster to it making it a fashionable and elegant gemstone.

Jewelry made from marcasite has been adorning people since ancient times and polished pyrite was even used as mirrors by the Incas.  Marcasite jewelry became very popular during the reign of Louis the 14th of France, in the 18th century, the Victorian era (for its elegance and a wonderful complement to pearls) as well as with Art Nouveau jewelry designers. 

This piece is currently on display for sale at Catherine’s Cache in Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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