David Winter Cottage Couture Cuff


The challenge for me on this one was to mount the cottage without damaging its collector value in any way… hence there is NOTHING glued to it!  I have left a bit of the green felted base showing and the label is intact.  It was an engineering feat – everything else holds it securely in place; vintage rhinestone pins, a sachet pouch, an Alexis Bittar glowing bangle, a bolo tie, dried rose, a daisy embedded in Lucite; and of course, an old marble.


It is weighty to wear (after all it is a building!) but built on a 3” wide cuff, it is well balanced and becomes a part of shelved sculpture when not worn.

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This brilliant couture cuff was quite challenging to make.  The process involved the use of many different pieces to keep the cottage in place.  It is perfect as a statement piece for any occasion.  It is also a sculptural inspiration even while sitting on a shelf.

Vintage Couture Cuff

David Winter is an Englishman who used the many old cottages of his country as inspiration, from the humble, to the extravagant lodgings; from straw to brick; shack to castle.  He rendered them in a stone-like heavy ceramic, capturing the hearts of collectors from the 1980s with his whimsical creations.

I have collected David Winter Cottages for many years, but when we moved 1100 miles and downsized from 3900 sq. foot to 1870 – one of the things I downsized was my collection of cottages…

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