Clearly Dazzling Light Weight Couture Cuff

This is a fun, lightweight, cool couture cuff.  I used a light weight silver tone metal cuff that isn’t terribly old, but with the clear plastic “jewels” mounted, along with a few glass pieces and clear marble, the whole thing is stable and bold.


Nothing dangles on this one.

Beautifully decorated crystal jewel bracelet cuff from Eye Impact Art.

By the way, in construction, I use tiny glass beads to make a paste called caviar to hide any glue, brass plate, and in general enhance and strengthen the piece - it takes extra time, and materials, but is the difference between the ordinary and EXCEPTIONAL!

BTW, I often wear a cuff over the top of a sleeve which allows me to wear an even broader range of cuff sizes.

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This one stops traffic!  Especially, in low-lighting such as in a dining room in the evening.


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