Central High Compact Story Art Cuff; Vintage WWII Components


Once upon a time… after WWII, when the “greatest generation” returned home to rebuild their American Dream,  in a normal middle-sized town in the United States where teenagers attended Central High; there was a normal girl whose name has been lost in time, but perhaps she’s someone you know…


She’d peer into the mirror in the lid and dab a little more cheek color on with the pad, another pad to apply powder, then whip out a retractable brush from its gold tube and blend to a flawless complexion (a little fairer than the golden look preferred today).  Then she’d tuck the leather topped compact and the golden brush tube back into her handbag…


Every item on the cuff combine to tell the story of her life…. And are mounted on a 2 ½” wide cuff, so she can wear her memories, as well as display until she tells her life story to nieces and nephews using the cuff components as tiny milestone reminders.


P.S.  This person is fictional, but could be true and shows what I can do for you!


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While there is a story to each vintage item I use, the true story is unknown.  All the components of this compact art cuff tell the story of a fictional life.  But they also represent thirty years of me collecting vintage components.  A lot of love, storytelling and detail have gone into this piece.  Literally, there is nothing that could be found in a retail store today!

For a more complete description of my process in creating this compact art cuff:      https://www.eyeimpactart.com/creating-a-story-cuff-bracelet


Most of us have little bits of memorabilia from our lives that are tiny tethers to our past.  Some things remind us of people we love, or contributed to our lives in some way – I’m not talking ‘serial killing’ here, but you might be surprised what you have sitting in a box or drawer that you’ve practically forgotten until it falls out, or you are digging for something else and you come across that doo-dad and for a moment you are transported to another time & place in your mind. I have an entire questionnaire that helps YOU and I figure out what your story might include…



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