Coin Dealer Father Memory Frame

With important people in our life, we think we’ll never forget the details that melded our lives together… this daughter insured those memories with bits & pieces of his and her life.

He was a coin & stamp dealer by trade, as well as active in their community in business and social organizations.  She was a Girl Scout, belonged to 4H, High School team supporter, active in her place of worship, member of a Sorority.  There was a family dog.  All these things are represented on this frame.


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BTW, her sister has a memorial cuff – same Father, different daughter.

It is one of my favorite things to tell someone’s life story by compiling bits and pieces of their life onto a cuff, necklace, or frame.  In this case, I added nothing from my stock except for using caviar for the finishing touches.

BTW, sometimes the items are mounted so the frame can be used in either direction, but in this case, she had a 8 x 12 pictured of the two of them together that looked best horizontally.


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