Porcelain Bird Flower Cloisonne Vase Wood Box


What do you get when you put an El Paraiso cigar box, Capidimonte porcelain flowers, a broken bird figurine, jasper rocks (yep, locally grown), and some vintage costume jewelry… functional art to be pretty and practical!  A box to keep treasure, a posey can reside in the vase, and the whole thing is art to be displayed.


Add an old marble, a netted flower that adds softness and movement, cloisonne vase, Lucite moonglow beads and earrings from the 1950s, a pink pendant, a mesh and wooden bangles, pink rhinestone studded plastic, and a framed compartment holding dried flowers… over 150 components were used to create this sculptural assemblage Art.






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The box is 8 ½” x 7 ¾” x 2 ¾” with smooth operating hinges and latch; the sculpture adds another 3 ½” in height and covers most of the top of the box hiding the former damage to the wood lid.

And finally, gold and bronze caviar:

So, what is this caviar?  I use tiny glass beads to make a caviar paste to hide any glue, unsightly findings, and in general enhance and strengthen the piece.  It is something that takes extra time, and materials, but is the difference between ordinary and SPECTACULAR!  Kind of like the difference between a fried egg and a souffle; a dash-out-the-door makeup job and a look-like-a-movie-star!  I think you get the picture…


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