Blue Cloisonne & Lipstick Art Couture Necklace


This necklace started with a small vintage cloisonné plate as the center of the design, and then I incorporated a 1950s lipstick tube in similar colors (because no girl should be without an emergency lipstick that can pinch hit as cheek color!)


Old earrings, several floral pins, marble, interesting art glass beads, and lacey plastic pieces that used to be part of a fringe necklace from the 1940s.  An angel is beautifying the backside.  There are some natural lapis and malachite chip beads and one dangles for a little quiet movement.


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The centerpiece is 5 inches deep, 1 ¼” thick in a couple places; the chains, purposefully mis-matched for interesting texture, adjust in length from 22 to 26 inches so it can be worn to flatter any neckline!  Since it is so three dimensional it makes an interesting wall hanging, as well.


While we most often think of cloisonne originating in China - and truly the orient seized the process and made it a part the art scene as well as furnishings and jewelry, as well -  there is history dating to the Byzantine Empire...

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