Celestial Ice Crystal Plate


The glaze on the plate is crystalized and with the recycled vintage clear rhinestone jewelry and art glass beads, and I felt like I was looking at the heavens.  Or, taking a trip to the Milky Way.


The coiled piece was once worn coiling a wrist, the vintage marble looks like a planet in orbit.


It can be hung as wall art, or on display as you would any other piece of sculpture.


It is 8 ½” across.




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More background:  A talented potter friend of mine occasionally has items that he considers “rejects” for whatever reason – what to do with those quality clay creations?  Well, enter me!  I gave those items new life by applying my aesthetic.

At the same time as he gave me this piece to work with, so came the bottle with the same spectacular glaze.  Wouldn't the two look fabulous together?!

Celestial Crystal Glaze Blue Clay Candle Holder


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