Whimsical Cat & Squirrel & Pumpkin Ombre Art Cuff


SQUIRREL’N AROUND Story Cuff: A gray kitty is tussling with a pumpkin; meanwhile there is a squirrel ‘round back getting away with whatever squirrels get away with while kitties are distracted!

Edged in chain, the figures are some sort of ceramic – the kitty is newer, but the squirrel is from the 1950s.  There are several shades of glass micro beads made into a caviar paste to put a little “frost” on the pumpkin.  One gray flower by the squirrel is actually made of leather, and a “leaf” is made of actual lace.

Note: colors on this piece move in an ombre of orange, to gray, to silver, to black at the base.


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This Statement piece is built on 3” wide cuff; and rises approximately 3 ½” making the overall height 5 ½” and 3 ¾” from edge to edge at the center.   It will slide down towards the hand on a 7” wrist to make it stable to wear, but without adjustment it fits a 7”- 8” wrist.


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