Bunny Deux in the Woods Art Couture Cuff; Vintage Rabbit Figurines


What do bunnies do? 


Well, this fine porcelain deux is playing in the underbrush made of art glass, marbled plastic beads, with an assortment of vintage earrings, etc.  There is a long-legged golden owl, and vintage buttons; the marble may be hard to pick out because I matched it to the beads in color and size  closely.

And, since rabbits multiply… here’s another pair:


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This green Bunny Cuff Bracelet is perfect for any occasion.  Built on a 2 ½” brass cuff, it has a narrow brown leather belt from the 1950s.  Construction rises 2 ¼” with the overall sitting height of 3 ¾”.  Currently, it is sized to fit a 7 ½” to 8” wrist.  Although, I can adjust it up/down in size.

Dyed nut slices with carved shell turtles are at the cuff bottoms which I always endeavor to make flat so if worn while working at a desk, it won’t bang on things nor get “caught” in clothing.  The collection of colors and vintage parts makes this Bunny Cuff Bracelet a perfect statement piece for the art lover in your life.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Wear tip:  I often wear cuffs over shirt, sweater, or jackets sleeves which is a fun fashion statement as well as allowing me more versatility wearing larger cuff sizes.

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