Brown Duck in the Weeds Art Cuff


This mini duck decoy has a creamy collar, gray beak, gray flecked brown body is floating amongst marshland elements created with 1950s pearlescent fanned petal earrings as bookends and repurposed bead spikes acting as water grasses.

It is built on a 1″ brass plate cuff, with the vintage elements added, it is 1 1/4″ at its widest.  The ends are constructed to be flat at the tips so it is wearable without snagging on clothing; a vintage marble and something that dangles.


Here is a sister bird cuff created at the same time.  They could be worn or displayed together.

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While I have a tag affixed to my art couture creations, there are other “signatures” that would help to authenticate them even if the tag were not present.

  • Each has something that moves on it.
  • There is at least one marble on each cuff or necklace.
  • Other common tiny components: an angel, cross, bugs & butterflies, lizard or frog, leaves, flowers, and art glass.
  • Glass caviar paste, and underside surprises.


  • Link to blog: My Signature Trademarks


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