Blue Butterfly Confetti Paper Weight Statement Art Cuff


I started with an art glass paper weight that looks like it is boiling up blue, yellow, green, white confetti and some tiny flecks of orange/red – accented with multiple examples of art glass and a vintage tri-colored cateye marble.  Then I wrapped a beaded and scalloped silver chain in a spiral around the top of the orb to draw your eye into seeing the inside of ball.

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This statement art cuff is more art than wearable… it will look great in a showcase, or ornamenting as a part of your home décor.

It is built on a 3” wide brass cuff blank and is rises up 2 ½” making its overall sitting height 4 ½” x 3 ¼”.

Play I-Spy (remember those books?) and look for the following components:  a Sarah Coventry butterfly pin, Coro blue rhinestone earrings, a Monet bracelet (the clasp is visible,) a couple porcelain hearts with painted forget-me-nots, an edelweiss flower pin, pale yellow soft plastic earrings from the 1950s, a Lucite yellow rose, a yellow enameled rose tac, a blue winged rhinestone angel, yellow dove, and a pinwheel of iridescent blues.

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